• Each stage starts early in the morning to beat the heat, and you have until the allotted time cut off to make it to the finish line of each day. Your stuff is transported to each new camp while you run.

  • Each morning you will wake, eat, pack up all your gear for transportation to the next campground, and bravely toe a new start line ready to run.

  • You’ll spend each day running through amazing jungles and across beautiful beaches. Each day will be a different distance (take a look at the course profile for more info). When you reach the day’s finish line, you are free to relax, rest, eat, and prepare for the next day. You will do this 6 times. On the final night, there is an awards ceremony and closing dinner.


  • Your race time is cumulative, and each day is clocked from start to finish line. At the end of the race, your time for each day is added together to give you a total finish time.

  • To be considered an official race finisher, you MUST complete the distance you sign up with or start on day one (ie if you drop mid-race or are moved to the adventure category because you miss a cutoff, you are not considered an official finisher).

  • If you miss a time cut off in the expedition version of the race, you will need to start the Adventure Category the following day and continue in this category for the remaining of the race. 


  • There are extension cords and power outlets available in the main tent area at each campsite for you to charge your phones/watches/headlamps. External battery packs would also be a good idea to have on hand in case all the outlets are in use.