The Coastal Challenge Training Packages

You've taken the first step towards your goals, signing up for what promises to be an extraordinary experience at the TCC in February. Now, it's time to get ready and make the months leading up to it count.  Join professional coach and elite endurance athlete Jen Segger on your training journey.  If you want to stand on that start line confident and ready to give your best effort day in and day out, look no further than joining Jen to help you prepare. Not only has Jen been on the podium at this race, she coaches athletes of all levels every year for the TCC specifically. See why we recommend her coaching services to everyone.   More on Jen can be found at

Jen is excited to offer 2 different packages to prepare you for the TCC.  Depending on your budget and the level of guidance that you need, there is something for everyone. 

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OPTION 1:  Custom Coaching

See why athletes around the world work with Jen to achieve their running goals.  This 1:1 approach offers a fully personal approach to the day by day training.  Athletes complete a detailed intake form which Jen uses to create your weekly training plan from. Let her take you through the build and recovery cycles in your preparation.  Additional races can be included to help you prepare. This approach works best for those with busy schedules who really need to ensure that the training will fit into their lifestyle, inclusive of family and work commitments, ever changing schedules and other activities that one might enjoy. 

What's Included:

  • Training Peaks Account

  • Unlimited Email Communication
    Goal Setting & Race Planning

  • Custom training schedules posted bi-weekly designed for your life, time allowances and goals!

  • Constant and ongoing program revisions to training schedule and season calendar.

  • Prompt email response

  • A monthly phone call as needed

  • Ongoing Sport Specific Strength Training Program

  • Sport Nutrition Assistance including a Race Game plan

  • Heat Training Protocol specific to the TCC

  • Q&A as needed related to recovery, gear and equipment, foot care and all things TCC

    Investment:  $325 CND/month
    *6 month minimum commitment

OPTION 2:  Take-Away TCC Program
Perfect for those who need less guidance but still want a specific training plan to help them prepare for a stage race in the heat!  Delivered in one complete package, this option does not include ongoing assistance and revision but will have you standing on the start line ready to go and confident so long as program adherance takes place. This option is best for athletes who have previous ultra distance experience and have been training for several years, having developed a sound understanding of endurance training principals. 

What's Included:

  • Training Peaks Account

  • A 6 month TCC Specific training plan

  • A 6 month Pre-hab & Stretch plan

  • A Heat Training Protocol specific to the TCC

  • A guide to foot care for stage racing

    Investment:  $550 CND (one time fee)

    *This plan becomes available for August 1st*  
    *Pre-Sign Up encouraged*

To SIGN UP and GET STARTED for either of these options, please contact Jen HERE.